The band recorded a CD in celebration of 150 years back in 2012 which is now at a reduced price of £5! Get in touch with us on our ‘contact us’ page to order yours now.

Track Listing:

Track 01: Trailblaze, Goff Richards
Track 02: Dimitri, Rodney Newton – Soloist Beth Haworth (Flugel Horn)
Track 03: I’ll Walk With God, Nicholas Brodszky arr. Goff Richards
Track 04: Frolic For Trombones – Featuring Sumayah Refaat, Michelle Kowalski, Stephen Lord (Trombones)
Track 05: The Contestor, TJ Powell
Track 06: Share My Yoke, Joy Webb arr. Ivor Bosanko – Soloist Laura Whittaker (Cornet)
Track 07: Concerto De Aranjuez, Rodrigo arr. Bolton – Soloist Beth Haworth (Flugel Horn)
Track 08: Manhattan Spiritual, Blilly Maxed arr, Timothy Paton
Track 09: Let Me Try Again, arr. Simon Kerwin – Soloist Lucy Smith (Soprano Cornet)
Track 10: St. Clement, C.C. Scholefield
Track 11: Czardas, Vittorio Monti arr. Dai Bach – Soloist Nick Wallwork (Vibraphone and Xylophone)
Track 12: Lord Of The Dance, Ronan Hardiman arr. Frank Bernaerts